6. Ein München Mädchen

RD AUTO Message 162: Fri 4, Octobre 2086 - Fairview, VA Main-Line USC -
CAMBIAN - SUBURBAN ‘Inner Crust’ Territory: ‘MM-PS 255 Munich District 5’

“Rachael!” shouted her mom’s high pitched voice from
“Yessssss, Mother! It’s Camille now by the way!”
There was no answer. And then...
“Don’t forget your make-up!” her mom’s faint voice could
now barely be made out.
“Ugh.” Rachael said to herself.
“Okay!” she yelled back, vein and limply.

Rachael sat upright on the edge of her bed, her widish butt
planted deep within pillows and Tynker Animals lying about,
her legs pretzeled Indian style. There were disheveled bra straps
under a Thyn white T-shirt falling off one shoulder as she
constantly pulled it up only to have it recede back to her upper
arm. Her room was fairly tidy with printed posters, arrays of
ads, a large mirror to her right along with bottles and cheap

Short little mounds of laundry were shoved to the edges of
the soft lightly tinted carpet, pink. Pinkish. Large suburban
bedroom windows obscured the bright room of its details,
shafting a morning glow of dreaming breakfast. Rachael had
been fantasizing about strawberry pancakes in the City on this
particular day. Sometimes it was boys, other times a nice mental
round of fantasy morning sex with a sibling...

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